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Kamagra oral jelly or Kamagra tablets are one of the most popular treatments for ED in the UK. This treatment helped many people to fight back their sexual activity problems and begin living a happy life, full of sensual and emotional pleasure.

Kamagra is a generic brand of Sildenafil citrate. Discovery of this chemical truly changed the world! Its mechanism of action includes inhibiting PDE5 enzyme consumption. This leads to relaxing tensed smooth muscles of blood vessels.  It was first intended to treat a rare yet very dangerous cardiovascular disorder called arterial hypertension, causing constant chest pain and many additional dangerous effects.

However, it turned out that Sildenafil also relaxes smooth muscles in porous tissue of male penis. Vessels become wider and are filled with blood much easier. This results in a stable and lasting erection, allowing forgetting about ED for good. Many generic brand names were developed and are now available, Kamagra is one of these.

What are Kamagra tablets benefits?

Original Sildenafil treatments had several restrictions, severely limiting their usage:

  • Sildenafil interacts only with male PDE5 enzyme, making Sildenafil useless for women
  • Sildenafil dose needed for each case is unknown and should be discovered experimentally, which requires a series of tests with gradual increase of the dose
  • Quick action Sildenafil  tablets contain a big dose of active ingredient, which may cause several side effects of varying intensity
  • Drug interactions are possible and certain restrictions are applied (should not be used by people with diabetes, on antidepressants and taking nitrates on a regular basis; ask your health care specialist for the full list)

All of these peculiarities were explored and taken care of while developing Kamagra tablets.

  • Sildenafil dose was decreased and several female-aimed components were added. They are harmless for men as they do not interact with male body chemistry, allowing women to improve their sexual life at the same time, increasing their libido and bringing new depth to sexual and sensual experience
  • Kamagra is manufactured in several forms (Kamagra oral jelly, for example), allowing everybody to choose correct dosage and receive full effect at once
  • Due to lowering the dose risk of side effects occurring is greatly lowered
  • Due to lower dose of main acting ingredient there were no serious drug interactions recorded. This fact and strict control of production led to approval of Kamagra oral jelly and tablets by FDA

FDA Kamagra UKDosage is standard – take 1 tablet or 1 jelly package with a glass of water 1 hour before the coitus.

What are the Kamagra usage side effects?

Certain people are still not recommended to use Kamagra. Some examples are below:

  • People who take nitrates on a regular basis may experience severe blood pressure drop and are not advised to use Kamagra
  • People after heart stroke are not recommended to use any Sildenafil treatments
  • People with liver or kidney diseases may experience problems with breaking the drug and are recommended to avoid Kamagra usage
  • Some other restrictions are applied, please ask your doctor for the full list

Healthy men usually have little to none side effects, mostly including one of these symptoms:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Stuffed nose
  • Red face
  • Nasal bleeding
  • Intense sweating

Seek immediate medical attention if one of conditions below occurs:

  • Itching and/or rash
  • Intense or irregular heartbeat
  • Drastic lowering of blood pressure
  • Chest pain, abdominal pain
  • Painful urination, blood in urine, frequent urination

These side effects were registered really rarely, yet knowing of them is important.

How can Kamagra be purchased?

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