The Right Foods to Gain Muscle

For any man, a muscular stature will make you sexier and do wonders to your esteem. To gain this however, lots of hard work needs to be put into it. From exercising to taking the right foods, only with the right decisions can one be able to achieve that athletic body we all envy. According to fitness experts, nutrition makes up 50% of the efforts needed to gain muscle. But what foods are right for this venture?

Lean beef

For any man with an intention to gain mass, this should be their basic meal. It is packed with many nutrients necessary to build muscles including iron, zinc, B vitamins and many amino acids. The sort of proteins it contains is high quality and works with insulin to efficiently promote muscle growth. It is low in calories and therefore results in muscle gain without too much calorie uptake. Actually, a 3-ounce serving has only 154calories.

Whey protein

best protein foods for muscleBody builders rely on whey protein supplements to get better muscle mass and this is not without a reason. Derived from cow milk, it is one of the purest forms of proteins that are easy to digest and absorb. It is a reliable source of branched chain amino acids which are required for muscle building and repair. This will help your body muscles recover fast from wear and tear experienced during exercise. With fast recovery, your muscles grow much faster and stringer within a short time. Simply have a drink or meal with whey protein after your workouts and see the results for yourself.

Cottage cheese

Rich in casein protein, this is a very valuable nutrient in muscle building. This is a slow-digesting protein which acts as a source of energy. This prevents the wasting away of muscles when they are used as a source of energy. Taking a piece just before bed will help keep the muscles intact through the whole fasting period in the night. Cottage cheese is also a source of many nutrients necessary for muscle building including vitamin B12 and calcium.


Rich in good cholesterol otherwise known as low density lipoproteins, the yolk of an egg makes a very important part of any muscle gaining regime. This cholesterol is what the body requires to breakdown harmful cholesterol which may clog blood vessels. Eggs are also rich in many of the essential amino acids, choline, vitamin D and many other nutrients necessary for building and maintaining muscle. Other benefits they offer to the body cannot be underestimated either.