Cancer is the Leading Killer Disease In the USA

From the year 2005, cancer became the leading killer disease in the United States. If detected early, cancer can be treated and the patients can return to their normal lives. What is even shocking about cancer today is that most of its victims are young people. Cancer is caused by various factors like poor diet and lifestyle, environmental pollution etc. Apart from that, exposure to different types of radiation and chemicals also account for many cancer infections.

There is basic information about prevention and treatment of cancer that everyone should be aware of:

Regular cancer screening
Cancer screening is not just recommended for those who suspect that they are suffering from this deadly disease. Everyone is strongly recommended to go for regular cancer screening so that detection and diagnosis can be done early enough. When it comes to cancer, time is crucial, so you should act quickly.cancer patient

Changing lifestyle and diet
If you are used to smoking tobacco which is full of carcinogens, you better quit smoking. Also if you didn’t know, diet contributes a lot to the rising number of cancer cases in the United States. If you take too much red meat, French fries among other carcinogenic foods it’s time to change your diet. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They contain antioxidants that have been shown to slow down or even prevent the progression of cancer.

Apart from the preventive measures, people also should know what treatment options they have if diagnosed with cancer:

This kind of cancer treatment involves the use of medicines or drugs to fight cancer. This type of cancer therapy is very popular and recommended by oncologists very often. There is an extensive list of severe side effects of chemotherapy though.

Surgery has been used for a while in the treatment of cancer. The method is quite effective, but the problem is there many types cancer that are inoperable.

In this type of treatment, cancer is removed using particles or waves with high energy. The energy is strong enough to kill cancer cells. This method has also some serious side effects that affect the patients.

Gene therapy
Since scientists discovered that cancers are caused due to mutations, or changes in genes, they are suggesting that gene therapy can be an effective cancer treatment option. The method is relatively new but applied more and more often nowadays.

Peripheral blood stem cell and bone marrow transplant
In this type of treatment, cancer is treated with the aid of stem cell transplants.

Laser treatment
The method is mostly used to treat the early stages of some cancers close to the surface of the body such as cervical cancer, penile cancer, vulval cancer, and melanoma of the eye.