Cause, Cure & Treatment of Dry Skin

Dry skin is an irritating condition that is essentially caused by the lack of water in the epidermis. When an individual lacks the appropriate amount of water in their most superficial skin layer, they will often suffer from dry skin. Even though this condition affects both males and females indiscriminately, the elderly tend to be more prone to it. This is mostly because elderly individual have a reduced amount of natural oils and lubricants in their skin and body in general. Also known as xerosis or xeroderma, dry skin tends to affect the lower legs, hands and arms more than any other part of the body. Here are the typical cause, cure & treatment of dry skin.

What causes dry skin?
The dryness of an individual’s skin is affected or caused by a number of factors – from the amount of water vapor in their environment to the kind of humidity and their own personal skin care choices. The most common causes include:Dry skin

– Winter weather: This is often due to a drop in humidity due to the frigid temperatures that occur during winter.

– Steamy showers: Even though a steamy shower can be stress-relieving, it also depletes your skin of its natural oils.

– The passage of time: As we get older, our skins begin to lose the natural oils that they normally possess. With the changing hormone levels, our skins become thinner and more parched.

– Day to day irritants: There are a lot of day to day irritants that could be affecting the dryness of your skin – from your favorite sweater to the kind of fabric softener or detergent you use.

– Your health: Certain health conditions such as psoriasis can cause dryness of the skin.

– Scrubbing: Some people believe that they must scrub their skin in order to clean it. This inadvertently strips your skin and enhances its dryness.

Cure & treatment for dry skin
The very first line of defense is to see a dermatologist. This is an expert who will be able to run a thorough assessment of the kind of skin condition that you may be suffering from and offer the best solution to your problem.

It is your personal prerogative to take good care of your own skin. Always use a recommended moisturizer and avoid scrubbing down for the sake of cleaning your skin.

General recommendations given by dermatologists often include:

– Make sure that you use a thick lotion.

– Moisturize your skin while damp.

– Avoid steamy showers.

– Have a healthy diet and drink lots of water.