Health Benefits of Taking Oats

Are you looking for a healthy but easy option for your breakfast? Have you been trying different diets but none seems to work in your favor? If this is you, there is a perfect solution to your diet issues that has been proven to have many health benefits by multiple studies.

With so many people,…

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The Dangers of Taking Too Much Soda

There are a lot of soda adverts on the TV and radio. Aggressive advertising by soda companies has resulted in a surge in soda intake. Studies conducted on American consumers showed that if one consumes two or more cans of soda a day, they have a 27% chance of developing a chronic disease. In the early…

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Gluten-Free and Healthier

Enter any of your local supermarkets today and you’ll probably notice something new — the ‘GF’ symbol on some labeled foods. If you still don’t know what it means, you might want to go on reading. The ‘GF' sign actually stands for gluten-free, or as some people refer it to - gut-friendly.


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Want to Live Longer? Eat Hot Chili Peppers

If you are a spicy food fan, you are going to love this research. According to a new study where researchers evaluated data from more than sixteen thousand Americans, eating hot chili peppers…

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How Does Red Wine Affect Your Health?

In addition to providing great pleasure, red wine is a great health booster. One glass each day is ideal for most people, although men with large physical builds may go up to two glasses a day without having to worry about too much alcohol. Numerous studies about the health effects of red wine prove…

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Nutrition Findings of 2016

Health and nutrition scientists seem to never stop their search for new ways on how to improve the health of people. And thanks to their efforts, 2016 has been a year of amazing health discoveries, which can be beneficial for all of us. Here are some nutrition findings that took place this year.


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Essential Nutrients That Boost Our Immune System

The immune system is one of the most important parts of every living organism since it has the ability to block, fight and neutralize pathogens that can even prove to be fatal. So people must make sure the system remains effective in order to avoid medical issues.

The best way to achieve this…

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The Right Foods to Gain Muscle

For any man, a muscular stature will make you sexier and do wonders to your esteem. To gain this however, lots of hard work needs to be put into it. From exercising to taking the right foods, only with the right decisions can one be able to achieve that athletic body we…

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The Reality That Lies Behind Breatharianism

Food and water are one of the basic human needs. Though there are other needs, that can be called basic such as shelter, clothing among others, without water and food people, and animals cannot survive. The world is made up of different people with their different cultural…

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Tomatoes protect men against prostate cancer

British scientists have discovered a new fascinating property of tomatoes: it turns out that frequent consumption of tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate cancer by almost 20%.

A group of researchers from the universities of Oxford,…

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