I have been using Satibo for years with unstable effect. After trying out Kamagra I had a wonderful sex and I think my red face was not too visible in the darkness, so, yes – this is a wonderful ED treatment! I recommend buying from trusted suppliers though, as amount of fakes is overwhelming, so do your research before making a decision. Thanks to Kamagra and this site for my reliable man power!


I was not sure about Kamagra at the beginning, it seemed the same to Viagra yet cost less. I had some horrible headache after taking Viagra, making having sex impossible and money spent one Viagra obsolete. However, I decided to try Kamagra out and was astonished! My ED was gone as well as my headache! I have been using Kamagra tablets for half a year now with predictably good results and with no side effects!


I didn’t have an orgasm for many years, despite being really active and open for experimenting. None of my partners was able to turn me on enough and after all I began thinking that was due to some things being wrong with me. My urologist said everything was all right, but therapist said my blood supply was not adequate and prescribed Kamagra. It worked unbelievably well and I had an orgasm of such magnitude I thought the bed will be broken! I recommend you Kamagra tablets, boys and gals!


My sexual experience was not too great and soon after marriage I lost any interest to sex at all, due to not being able to satisfy my wife to the fullest. I tried to take care of ED with Kamagra tablets, but these did not meet my expectations. Was taking them for 3 months already and did not witness any encouraging results along the way. My doctor advised trying out Kamagra oral jelly and turned out to be exactly what I needed. My wife is happy her husband is able to satisfy her desires at last!


This treatment is too powerful on me. I have a really great erection, yet it lasts for a couple of hours, when both me and my wife already don’t want anything but sleep. Was trying to half the dose yet had the same strong erection. Well, I have little to complain about, and I don’t think sweating is a price too high for being a sex giant. I will continue taking Kamagra and hope to get the same great results.


I don’t understand all that hype about Kamagra as it did not work for me. I am taking it for a month already and see no results. In addition, nausea and diarrhea do not improve my mood. Doctor said this is nearly a unique case, but I don’t want to be unique, I want to be able to have sex without erectile dysfunction! If this continues for another month I will change Kamagra to something else. And probably will change my doctor…


What an incredible treatment! In my late 50-ies I am a successful businessman with nearly excellent physical shape and a widower. My wife perished 3 years ago and I decided to take another chance with Lucy, but was afraid that I would not be enough man for her, as she is 25 years younger. I consulted my personal doctor and he advised me to begin a Kamagra tablets course to be prepared for any challenges Lucy can provide. As a result – our life is full of love and harmony, pleasure and satisfaction!


I always was a fat boy and girls had no interest in my. In college I made a drastic decision – to lose weight and find a girlfriend. It was easier said than done, yet I became nearly twice thinner and girls began flirting with me. But several dates ended with a disaster, as I was not sure in my capabilities and failed to get and erection. Kamagra helped me greatly and now girls from my fitness club call me Stallion, if you know what I mean…