The cold is one of the most frequent and also most annoying medical conditions that a person can get. It is very common and also easy to catch, especially if we are not careful enough during the winter months when the temperature difference between our home and outside is very big.

Few people know more than the absolute basics about the cold, even though we hear or read about it way more often than we wished. In this article we are going to offer some valuable information about the disease in the form of questions and answers.

1) Can staying outside when it’s very cold make us catch a cold?

man-with-the-common-coldThis is something we all have heard, mostly from our mothers. Fortunately, it is not true, although breathing cold air for a long time can have some adverse effects on your health. The common cold is caused by viruses, so being in an open space, even when the temperature is really low, doesn’t tangibly increase your risk of catching a cold as far as there are no infected people around you.

On the other hand, being in the same room or even the same house with sick people is far more “dangerous” since the virus can be transmitted to you by air.

2) Is there a difference between the flu and a cold?

The answer is yes but it can be a bit tricky to distinguish them. They are both caused by viruses and, sometimes, their symptoms may be similar. Understanding which one you are suffering from can be achieved by keeping the following in mind:

- The flu causes chills, high fever, and feeling of intense fatigue.

- The common cold’s symptoms are sore throat, coughing, runny or stuffy nose and mild fever.

The above can help sometimes, but, as described earlier, there are cases in which it is difficult to understand which one has infected a person unless he/she is examined by a professional.

3) Why can't scientists create a vaccine against the common cold?

This is a very popular question. The reply is really simple once we understand the nature of the condition. Most of us consider it to be a very specific illness that can easily be targeted, so a vaccine should be really easy to create. Sadly, the cold virus is not one but more like a legion of different viruses. So far, 250 different virus types that can cause the illness have been identified, so it’s literally impossible to create a vaccine that can protect us from all of them.

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