There are a lot of soda adverts on the TV and radio. Aggressive advertising by soda companies has resulted in a surge in soda intake. Studies conducted on American consumers showed that if one consumes two or more cans of soda a day, they have a 27% chance of developing a chronic disease. In the early 2000s, the US government was forced to create regulations against aggressive soda advertising. Prior to the 2000s, an American would consume an average of 55 gallons of soda per year.too much soda The government’s intervention made it possible to reduce the consumption to 45 gallons, but the figure is now rising again.


One soda can is said to contain about 15-20 teaspoonfuls of sugar. Besides being high-caloric itself, sugar also increases hunger causing one to eat more, which leads to weight gain. Statistics show that in every 3 adults 2 have excess weight, and soda contributes greatly to these numbers. A soda can contains about 150 calories, and when taken without moderation, it leads to weight gain.

Soda contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes when taken over a long time. To make things worse, soda taken with junk food (a habit practiced by many people, sadly) may increase our calorie intake by 1000 calories.

A lot of physical exercise is required to get rid of the excessive calories. To lower the chances of becoming obese, we are encouraged to substitute soda with water, tea without sugar or milk.

Risk of cancer

Regular intake of soda increases the chance of developing pancreatic cancer by 87%, according to recent research. Chemicals used in the production are said to strain the digestive system, which in many cases can eventually trigger the development of cancer. A study conducted on 60,000 men and women showed that both sexes were at similar risk of developing endometrial and colon cancer as a result of regular soda drinks consumption.

Rise in tooth decay cases

In addition to sugar – a well-known enemy of healthy teeth, soda contains carbonic and phosphoric acids which corrode tooth enamel. Over time these acids destroy enamel which is the outer protective layer of the tooth. For this reason giving soda to a child whose teeth are developing is highly discouraged. Once the outer layer of the tooth is destroyed, it leaves the inner tooth exposed to decay. The combination of sugar and abovementioned acids has disastrous results to the gum and teeth.

Heart disease

Soda is high in fructose which is naturally metabolized by the liver. The liver converts the excess fructose into fats that the body accumulates. The fats can turn into triglycerides which are, simply put, fats in the blood. A lot of soda intake overwhelms the body with the triglycerides which build up on blood vessels. Fat build-up on blood vessels strains the heart and leads to heart-related complications.

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