The Mediterranean Diet: Research Says It Can Make You Happier

Most of the time people who decide to start a diet are doing so for one simple reason: they want to lose weight. This might be out of wish to improve one’s health or just look better for the upcoming summer. Whatever the root reason, people face the same difficulties when being on a diet, of which the most prominent one is how to choose the best diet. It’s probably quite an individual matter; however, science says that there’s at least one diet out there that could be undertaken with a view to not just get healthier but also to feel happier.

So how do you feel about a diet plan that could make you a happier person? According to a recent study published in BMC Medicine, the Mediterranean Diet can do just that. The study involved a group of individuals suffering from depression.Mediterranean-diet-healthy The group was monitored by researchers for 12 weeks while they followed a Mediterranean Diet meal plan. The majority in the group showed a significant improvement in their depression symptoms by the end of the 12 week study. They became, in fact, happier people.

The diet is not unheard of — in fact, you’ve probably heard of it many times — but these new findings make sticking to it a much better idea than ever. The Mediterranean Diet is based on foods popular in Greece, Italia and Middle Eastern areas with the focus on veggies, beans, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fish, nuts, chicken, lean red meat and olive oil.

Simple Tips for Getting Started on the Mediterranean Diet
1. Breakfast is the most important meal – and not only in the Mediterranean Diet. So if you are not a breakfast eater and usually have just a cup of coffee in the morning, you should change that habit. You need breakfast every morning, and that’s very important when you’re following the Mediterranean Diet (in fact, as well as any other one).

2. Keep it simple. For instance, a Mediterranean Diet breakfast can be as simple as Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a sprinkling of pecans. The berries will bring vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. The yogurt brings protein and probiotics that support a healthy gut. And nuts of all kinds are high in magnesium, fiber, and certain vitamins as well.

3. While snacking, choose the right snacks that are used in the Mediterranean Diet. For instance, consider a snack that includes avocado. It’s packed with heart-healthy fats as well as a good amount of fiber. Both will help to keep you full right through a snack time.

4. During your main meals through the day, opt for foods common in the Mediterranean Diet. Luckily, most of them can be easily bought in any supermarket.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit down lately, try the Mediterranean Diet. Research shows that it could be just what you need to become a happier person.