If you are a spicy food fan, you are going to love this research. According to a new study where researchers evaluated data from more than sixteen thousand Americans, eating hot chili peppers may extend your life. So, now the job of these chili peppers is not just limited to giving a bit of heat to your dishes but they can also help you live longer.

The research was carried out in Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont where around 16,000 participants were followed for an average of nearly 23 years. According to researchers, the study revealed that the consumption of hot red chili was associated with the considerable rate of 13 percent lower risk of death.eating-hot-chili-pepper

The researchers of the study assessed the characteristics of each participant depending upon his or her consumption of hot red chili peppers. Though health benefits of various peppers and spices are known to people for centuries, there are not many scientific studies revolving around these ingredients.

One such study which found the possible association between chili pepper and increased life expectancy was previously conducted in China in 2015. The researchers were continuously looking for scientific evidence to prove what they only thought was a possibility: those who consume more spicy ingredients seem to be healthier and, as a result, live longer.

But because these were all observational studies, there is no clear understanding of why hot chili peppers might have all those positive effects on human health. However, the keenly growing interest of researchers in the same kind of studies revolving around spices and their benefits is a clear sign that the body of evidence is growing. So we may soon find out for sure if hot chili peppers and other spices can actually help people live longer and by what means they are capable to do so.

Several studies have been performed previously suggesting that a spice component known as capsaicin is probably responsible for the health benefits of hot chili peppers. This component may have antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-obesity and anti-inflammation properties. In fact, capsaicin can also work as an amazing antimicrobial remedy.

Researchers at University of Vermont have taken on the task of further research into this subject. They are all committed to investigating the many benefits and effects of various peppers and their types. Meanwhile, let us just enjoy our favorite spicy meals. Who knows, we may actually end up living longer!

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